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Students in Crisis   

Students in Crisis  

You're Not Alone; We're here to help

Student Affairs is committed to nurturing, protecting and providing for its students. If you or someone you know is the victim of a physical or sexual assault or domestic violence, please remember: You are not alone. It is not your fault. Student Affairs departments such as the Well, Dean of Students, Campus Health Center, Counseling Center and Student Conduct are here to offer assistance. Student Affairs has also hired a Case Manager to work closely andconfidentially with UCR students.We will help you report a crime, receive medical attention or find a support group. If you or someone you know is struggling with depression, thoughts of suicide, or alcohol or drug abuse, we have assembled a list of medical professionals and counselors, both on and off-campus, to lead you back to recovery.

Student Affairs Resources

How do I report a crime?

Contact UCR Police

What if I'm being sexually harassed?

Contact the Title IX/Sexual Harassment Office

What if I have been sexually assaulted?

Consult The Well's Sexual Assault Crisis Tips

What if I'm depressed or have thoughts about suicide?

Consult The Well's Suicide Crisis Tips

Where can I get help for alcohol or drug abuse?

Consult The Well's Alcohol/Drug Abuse Crisis Tips

What mental health services does my UCR insurance cover?

Contact the Campus Health Center

How am I doing emotionally?

Take the Counseling Center's Online Self Assessment

How can I help a friend in crisis?

View the Counseling Center's Tips on Helping a Friend in Crisis

How should I report a non-academic problem with another student on campus?

Contact the Student Conduct Office

How do I report a problem with a roommate or neighbor?

Fill out the Dean of Students' Good Neighbor Form

What qualifies as hazing and how can I report it?

Consult the Student Conduct Office's Hazing Information

More Frequently Asked Questions

Visit The Well's Web site

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